Our mission is to connect and inspire global citizens through story-telling, engaging communities and travel. By empowering all people, we hope to make the world a better place, one adventure at a time.


We are a forum to help navigate this crazy thing we call life. We believe being alive is an incredible gift and we want everyone to live a life of meaning and purpose.

That means feeling human in a time of constant technological and social pressure. That means sharing ideas with friends, creating a safe space to have conversations, even if we don’t get “it” or make mistakes. We love travel and storytelling and connection. We thrive on engagement, so send us your articles, share your stories and offer up suggestions - we want to evolve as you do!


Often we use the word community as a way to both express a movement bigger than ourselves (e.g. our community came together), while simultaneously distancing ourselves from groups that might be different. People use community as a buzzword today, like being a “community” means we accept everyone. Yet the definition of community is literally “a group of people who share similar interests.”

Growth is only made through diversity of thought and we need to consciously be interacting with even those we might not agree with!

The [co] in [Co] Community is a reminder we can form something bigger than our individual communities: we can join forces and do this thing called life together.


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Maggie is an American currently living in Paris, France. Crazy about travel since her first trip to Europe over a decade ago, she has since visited over 40 countries. Her travels have continued to develop the love she has for people, animals and all things adventure. Passionate about education and human rights, she aims to make the world a better place through her love for storytelling and travel.  


[Co] Community originally was an outlet for Maggie to tell stories of her adventures abroad. The format shifted in 2018 to focus on making an impact through dialogue and conversations. Aimed at making the world a better place one adventure at a time, [Co] Community is a collective of curated pieces focused on travel, philanthropy, responsible tourism and people.



Albus is [Co] Community's feline friend, taste tester and (sleepy) proof-reader.