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The Soul of Explore Beyond

One of my most memorable journal entries is titled, "All I want is this Corona." Yes, I still keep a journal and yes, I am telling the truth (screenshot below to show you how serious I am)! 

My Corona story was a product of much needed R&R combined with a desire to consume my first Mexican beer in Mexico. I arrived to Cancun a few days ahead of a company conference and booked a room at the amazing all-inclusive resort, Sapphire Now Cancun. This isn't unusual for me; if I have a reason to go somewhere for work, I arrive early or stay late. My philosophy is this: if I've put in the effort to travel that far, I'll be damned if all I see is a hotel lobby fruit basket. Quick trips hold a special place in my heart, the vacation that give you a tiny glimpse into local life yet short enough to prohibit a three hour wait to see a four inch painting.

Inside the resort in Cancun, I started writing down my adventures over the last few years. It was apparent I had a story to tell, that traveling this way has allowed me to see cities and countries through a completely different lens. Going beyond the "norm," the tourist traps, opened a world of possibilities only available to a select few. To those searching for something "more." The deeper, local experience. But first, I had a bottle to open....

All I want is this Corona.JPG

After my comical tale (and no the Corona wasn't roofied, thank goodness), I went on to recount all of my trips. Sometimes I was solo, sometimes they were business related, and sometimes just a weekend getaway. With every sentence typed, I understood how each adventure had come to shape me. Each trip, each time I pushed myself to explore just a little bit more, each time I forced myself to interact with locals, completely altered my state of being. I became a more open person, less anxious and worried about the unknown, fearless in my pursuits to see it all and utterly addicted to the chase of travel. And most surprisingly, I learned to look at my hometown in a whole new light, full of wonder and splendid just as grand as any city in the world.

The soul of Explore Beyond  is just that: the sometimes messy yet always rewarding trips or moments  weaved into your every day life. I want to share my experience with you. I want you to visit a city, even if for only an one hour business meeting and walk away a local. I want you to love being both a road warrior AND a connoisseur of wherever you call home. Explore Beyond is for the explorers, the adventurers, the people who delight in the experience. It's for the weekend warriors, the history nerds and the people watchers. Explore Beyond is about going off the mainstream and experiencing every moment to the fullest.

I hope you follow me on this journey to explore deeper. Follow my blog to learn recommendations, tips and insights into living and exploring like a local.





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