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Thoughtful, Intentional & Socially Responsible Travel

Thoughtful, Intentional & Socially Responsible Travel

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It seems I'm always on a plane or train these days, starting my day speaking French and ending my evening in Spanish or Italian or Google-searching "thank you" in the local language. As a recent expat in Paris I've been jolted awake, happily forced to learn cultural awareness and be present in my surroundings. Being a foreigner in a new land is full of surprising challenges but I thought I was prepared. I'd traveled before, studied abroad and considered myself "cultured." Yet the biggest surprise in this whole adventure wasn't the language barrier or navigating the insanely confusing Parisian trains. The biggest surprise was how strongly I started to feel about one concept: making the world a better place.

The move from the US to France has transformed my thinking on setting intentions and life philosophies. My hypothesis is this: what we put into this world (or don't) mirrors our humanity. Our intentions make us human.

My life before this move was on auto-pilot, probably like most of you readers. I had the same routine, same drive to work, laughed and cried with the same people, went to my same work out classes, ate from a handful of restaurants. Years, and happy years, passed by in a blink of an eye.

My life was amazing. It was happy and convenient. But it stopped being intentional. My actions were so transactional at times, I lacked one of the most beautiful human qualities: thoughtfulness.

Thoughtful. Intentional. Two powerful words that can get lost in our day-to-day. But two words that bring so much joy, so much happiness and adventure. Those words do good in the world. 

That's the difference, this thoughtful and intentional. These two words are why we choose to try that charming farm-to-table cafe. It's why we care about what's in our products, our food, our water. Why we connect with a local community or tribe. It's why we buy local, organic or choose to be environmentally friendly. 

Why should we strive to be thoughtful and intentional when traveling? So we escape auto-pilot, commence exploring, laugh until it hurts, and do some good in this world.

With every step we take on our adventures, we leave a little bit of ourselves behind. My mission is to leave the word just as magical as it was yesterday (and maybe even a little bit better for future generations). The world is full of beauty and we can do some good, be kind and protect what we love. Follow me and Explore Beyond Travel, as we learn and adventure together. I don't know all of the answers but I'm willing to search for them. Look out for curated products, trips and suggestions focused around the ethical, responsible and thoughtful traveler.

XO - Maggie

That's me!

That's me!

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